Take it or leave it, boys
1. Acid washed/ artificially worn jeans
Remember those loud, stiff and almost stripped-looking “worn” blue jeans? I, for one, wish I could forget them. The early 2000s were maybe a great time for you, but the rest of us have moved on to basic washes. When it doubt, black jeans are always classic.
2. Sneakers that you’ve kept too clean
I like it when you use your shoes, instead of worshipping them. Exceptions include clean white sneakers, but if they’re so clean they seem to radiate their own light, you’ve gone too far.
3. “Funny” graphic tees, and loud details
If you’re hoping your t-shirt’s joke will break the ice for you, consider letting your words send a message before your shirt does.
Bonus! Go traditional with the accessories. For example, make a statement with your wit, not your belt. From big brass cowboy buckles to wide metallic modernism, steer clear of belts that are louder than you are.
4. Hats indoors
Note: this doesn’t offend everyone, but if you’re looking to send a gentlemanly vibe, this is an old school rule you’d be surprised how many of us still pay attention to.
P.s. tuques are passable, if you’re That Guy.
5. Generally dirty/ too casual
I don’t mean vaguely, mysteriously scruffy (we like that, generally) but if your look seems to scream “I didn’t really put any effort into meeting you” then that can be, well, disheartening. Some of us put on our best jeans, and even are most uncomfortable, casually-sexy shoes for you—maybe even a dress!—so the least you could do is meet us halfway.
And if “dressy” isn’t your vibe—suggest a casual spot, and maybe go for the least wrinkled t-shirt?
6. Listening
This trend is very in. Cause you know what the actual best look is? Respectful conversation styles. Hot tips: don’t interrupt, listen to your date to expand on their topic instead of always changing it, and avoid explaining things that your date may, as a fellow citizen of the world, already be aware of.