Does LoveInSync have a gift for you!!!!! We’ve sifted through hours photography websites and “how to take a good photo” guides and compiled the 5 best easy-to-follow tips. One of the biggest mistakes we see people making on their dating pics is using drab, uninspiring photos. Having a good quality headshot on your profile can make all the difference. With our help, you can blow minds, not the bank, without even leaving your home! Whether your goal is finding true love, snagging that dream job, or glowing up your profile, a fabulous photograph is the first step. 


And, putting your best face forward at LoveInSync means giving us at least 3 great pics of you.  It would be great to have 1 self-portrait (or just a great pic of you!), another at a favorite activity, vacay or a significant event. Please keep reading for some great tips!



1- Set the Scene …

Don’t fight us on this one! Use a white or light-colored backdrop. Get rid of any unnecessary objects from your background. It’s all about you!

2- Wardrobe …

Wear something that makes you feel twenty-four carat. Remember – confidence is sexy! Your face should be the focal point. Wear a bright color that makes your eyes pop. Ditch the Hawaiian shirt and cover up the girls. You want to showcase the best version of YOU.

Make an effort to look your best! And remember – your best accessories are your great attitude and killer smile!


3- Where’s my Mark …

If you’re feeling profesh…Psssst, we have a secret for you: The ‘Rule of Thirds’.

Instead of being directly in the middle of the photo, position yourself off-center. This isn’t a passport photo!

Dynamic is the word! Tilt your head a bit to one side or turn your face slightly away from the camera. This will give your features depth. 

Draw us in by looking into the camera. Eye contact means confidence and confidence means sexy! 😉

4- Lights…

Lighting is everything. Natural light will show off your most gorgeous self. How to do this – face your light source. Look towards the light to make your eyes sparkle!!!

5- Camera…

– Set up your device on a tripod (we got ours at the dollar store!) or a flat, sturdy surface. 

– Make sure it frames you nicely

– Shoot straight on, or with the camera angle facing down slighting – we don’t want any extra  


-Use a remote or self-timer. No selfies…how passé!


Find your moves like Jagger or strike a pose like Madonna! Practice in the mirror to find your blue steel. People will be drawn to you if your vibe is open and natural. Don’t cross your arms!

Need a step-by-step? Lengthen your neck, push your face forward and point your chin down slightly. It might feel a bit awkward, but it will look great!

Don’t try too hard! You want to look relaxed, inviting, and most of all like yourself!



              -Use a translucent powder (women and men!) to avoid looking shiny.
              -Use express teeth whitening strips to give your smile a boost.
              -Mascara and curled lashes will enhance your eyes.

              -Blush with brighten up your face and add dimension.
              -Lipstick will draw attention to your smile.

              -Wearing a necklace or earrings is a great way to frame the face.




  • Use a recent pic! Yes – you were gorgeous 10 years ago and you still are. Authenticity is a very attractive attribute!
  • Ditch the disguise (we’re looking at you so ditch the sunglasses and baseball hats).
  • Don’t use a group shot or a cutout from another pic. We love your friends, but we want to see YOU!
  • WEAR A SHIRT. No ifs, ands or buts. 
  • It’s awesome if you have a hobby like fishing, but that doesn’t need to be the first thing we see about you. No fish please.