We totally get it – you are managing a busy single parent household; demanding job, lots of kid’s activities, housework, time with friends and family – really no minutes left over at the end of your day!  

A dating app can be an amazing way to meet new people … lots of new people. However, just be aware, it takes time!  A quick Google search shows that millennials spend an average 1 or 2 hours a day on dating apps and I can say the same from my own and from friend’s experience (40 to 50ish).  It seems a little strategizing can go a long way to save you time and reduce the “finding the needle in the haystack syndrome”!


Here are my proven time saving strategies:

  1. Have an idea of what you want in a future partner – I had my love list of desired qualities in a mate. How do you know if the people you are meeting are right for you if you have not defined what you want – right? And, the law of attraction dictates that it is knowing what you want that can help you to start attracting it. Sounds like less work to me!
  2. Mention that you have kids in your profile – it will come up at some point and better to be totally transparent. 
  3. If you feel a connection from a few texts – get on a video call as quickly as possible. A video chat is a good screening tool for a lot of reasons – both for you and the other person to ensure the person matches their pics, that you like their voice and feel the person’s vibe … And, don’t forget that you may be paying for a sitter, so you might want to make sure that you are not wasting your time on dates that will not go anywhere….
  4. Reduce the rebound factor. Personally, I do not date anyone who is still separated. I prefer knowing their previous relationship is truly over and that they are not freshly out of a relationship or on a break.
  5. When you meet, take the pressure off feeling the need “to find the one”. Just approach the date as if you are simply meeting a new friend, actively listen, and try to avoid “interviewing” the other person. They will definitely feel this vibe and the experience may not result in another date. Just set the intention that you are leaving your past dating experiences behind you and you are going into the date with fresh eyes and heart. Let’s not judge this innocent person based on the armor and baggage we have amassed from our previous relationships. 

With the right strategies, dating can be fun and empowering—just how it’s meant to feel. You’ve got this!