“Fashion is a trend, style lives within a person:’’’’ Oscar de la Renta

OMG – when you put it that way, how hard can it be? If our style lives within us, should be pretty easy to bring it to the surface, right? But – where it is hiding? You know your style could use a reboot – hell, maybe even a whole new you. So, how do we find the style within ourselves… You have this niggling feeling that you will know it when it shows up at your doorstep…. and it can’t happen soon enough…. particularly now that you are starting a new phase in your life. Perhaps you are newly single or about to make a career change or simply working on you.

If you have been devoting time to elevating your life… maybe you have a life coach, done some serious self-reflection, set exciting goals – you are probably are truly ready to get to started on your new path.  We are proud of you!  Now that you feel reinvented and your energy level and love of life and particularly of yourself are at an all time high, you have never felt more psyched to attract your future mate. … And you will be a real jewel to someone who is on a similar trajectory and imagine working on your life goals together as a power couple! This is beyond exciting.  

Next BIG QUESTION – how do you find your co-conspirator in living a fulfilling, passionate life?   Now that you have done the inner work – what about the outer you?   Congruency is a bit of a secret weapon   – there is something really uplifting about seeing someone who is living a congruent life. Congruency is about walking the talk… having the outer you reflect the inner you, in all the layers of your being.  

Perhaps the outer you is already in harmony with your elevated self… but if you have been in an emotional funk or felt stagnated – then your style choices probably need some upliftment also.

So, CONGRUENCY – how do we get there? Just like the inner work required some self-reflection, some reading, following the teachings of a master, OUTER WORK is no different. Having already gone through some self-reflection, faced some fears, tested the comfort zones, you will probably feel more open suggestions about your look. Doing inner work sometimes feels like shedding a layer of weight – you will probably feel lighter and uplifted.  There is a strong possibility that if you have been in a emotional funk or lived in a state of stagnation for a while, that the outer you has been in this “stuck state” for a while also. Now is the perfect time to have a look at the outer you! 

And your look encompasses not only your clothing choices, right down to your underwear, but also, skincare, hairstyle and of course makeup for the ladies. If you are not sure how to get started, a good fashion-forward friend or a great stylist who is focused on your needs, your character and lifestyle, will be a great start. 

Being congruent means that your personal and lifestyle choices work together in harmony.  As you evolve and move towards a more elevated view of yourself and really appreciate and truly embrace your qualities, your self-confidence will be taken to a new level. 

When you are in this kind of groove, and accomplish a look that you love, the quality of person that is attracted to you will probably shift.  This can be the beginning of a beautiful flow – you feel wonderful, free and uplifted with your personal accomplishments and your outer look matches your stellar inner you!