It does not have to be complicated!  After all the first couple of dates typically consists of a walk, coffee, maybe a zoom call or a simple dinner. So – straightforward date, straightforward wardrobe.


Keep your look clean and neat.  Maybe visit your hairdresser or barber and ask their opinion about your hairstyle – maybe it needs a more up to date look.  Ensure your beard is nicely groomed. Why not even opt for a facial and/or pedicure?   


And, just a general word of advice – investing in a bit more on a few high-quality items is preferable to buying lots of cheaper clothes that are trendy, and cheap. Choice a few quality jeans and pants and crisp well-fitting cotton shirts. Your lucky date will definitely notice and appreciate this!

And, the key to looking great in your clothes is the fit. Shop for some great jeans and shirts and maybe a jacket at a store with qualified salespeople who can give you their opinion.  Ensure the shoulders fall easily at the shoulders, the chest fit is easy and relaxed, and the pants are neither to big nor too small. There is no glory to you if your clothes are too big or small. Sometimes little details, like polished shoes, and an ironed shirt, can really make you stand out. Be sure to check your appearance in a full-length mirror before heading out.  

Be neat

Neatness is the reason that movie stars look so good in just jeans and a T-shirt. The secret is finding clothes that fit: tailored pieces like trousers and suit jackets are obviously more flattering to your individual measurements, but even a T-shirt where the neck isn’t too tight or too baggy and the shoulders are a good fit can make a huge difference to your overall body shape.

If the years have made you self-conscious about your body then clothes that are too tight can make things worse but, equally, hiding underneath baggy clothing will do nothing for your silhouette. Make sure you always look in a full-length mirror before you head out to ensure you’re getting the balance right between snug and loose. For example, jackets should have no pull on your buttons or under your arms, and the shoulder pads should end in line with your shoulders.

Showing attention to detail is a great way of communicating to your date that you have control over your life and you’re taking the rendezvous seriously. Even simple things like ironing out the creases in your shirt; polishing your shoes; and making sure your beard, hair, and fingernails are neatly trimmed won’t go unnoticed.

Be natural

Even though you have probably heard this many time just be you… Yes, be you but keep in mind that the other person not only wants to discover you but also wants to be discovered. So enjoy the feeling that your well-fitting clothes brings you – and know that they do not change your personality. You are simply taking advantage of that 30 seconds to make a great first impression!