Remove the Shame of Therapy…We All Need Someone to Talk to That
Isn’t Our Aunt Mildred

For years, it seemed almost shameful if the words “my therapist said” slipped out of
someone’s mouth. It was a subject to be avoided and embarrassed about, which has
lead many people, even in our modern world of the twenty-first century, to not seek help
when needed. Sometimes, we need someone who is removed from our own life to listen
to us, have an objective opinion, and be properly trained. Mental health is not a luxury, it
is a necessity. More often than not, it is our mind that hinders us rather than our
circumstances. Sure, sharing a bottle of wine and lamenting over a breakup with a best
friend can be therapeutic, but it’s the deeper issues, the ones we may not even admit to
ourselves, that need to aired out of our subconscious.
So, let’s shift our perspective on therapy: instead of seeing it as shameful, let’s see it as
a gym for the mind, something everyone should do whether they feel they “need” it or
not. Come on, we don’t always want to go for a run, but we do it because it’s good for
us. Therapy can be a source of pride and a showcase of self love. Aunt Mildred may be
wise, but she ain’t no therapist, my friends! The relationship between you and your
therapist is special, you need to give it time to find the right one, but when you do and
the puzzle matches, there are no limits to the wonders one can work on the brain! No
neural pathway is set in stone, as “they” say…they say that right? Yes, they certainly do
and it’s backed up by hardcore science.
To change the stigma around therapy and mental health, we must all change our own
personal perspective on it. We all need help sometimes, so let’s make therapy that
green smoothie or that yoga class; declare “my therapist says” with pride rather than
shame. There is no reason too small to seek out a therapist and no reason to big. Give
it a try! Maybe you’ll discover it’s the breath of fresh air in your subconscious mind to
change conscious actions in your life!