What sets LoveinSync apart from other dating platforms is our community of like-minded singles passionate about personal development. We give you the opportunity to showcase your genuine self. Personal introduction videos are a great way to let your potential matches see the true you! It also lets us give you peace of mind by verifying that each profile picture is authentic.

Relax! You’ve got this. Just be yourself and show your vibrant personality. 

Be confident and speak clearly – if you make a mistake, no big! Just do another take.

Make sure your fellow love seekers can see and hear you clearly!
It doesn’t have to be fancy:


Setup Tips: 

  • Face your light source and natural lighting is the best. 
  • Wear something bright and not too busy. 
  • Shoot straight on. It’s better if you look up a little towards the camera instead of down. 
  • Smile often as you casually look into the camera lens (put your finger over where you think the lens is located to see where it is exactly if using your phone). 
  • Pretend you are speaking to just one person. 


Keep it short – 1 to 3 minutes long


Start by introducing yourself. No need for last names. If you don’t feel comfortable using your real name, we totally understand. Why not use a nickname or middle name to keep it authentic?


Then please finish one or more of the following:

  • My favorite quote is ……..
  • A time when I felt most inspired was …….
  • What love means to me ……
  • A time in my life when I felt the most loved ……
  • My proudest moment is. …..
  • A cause I’m most passionate about is ……
  • Self-Development has helped my life by ……


And, voila! You are done! Please upload and we look forward to seeing your wonderful self on LoveInSync!