With speed dating, you get to enjoy 5 to 10-minute conversations with pre-selected singles that you would probably never meet! And if your quick date goes well – you receive each other’s contact info. And, if it is not a great date, no worries, you have just met someone new and you are then quickly on to the next potential match

Let’s look at the unsung advantages speed dating!

If you are tired of wasting your evening with a guy or girl that you met through a dating app, or you are sick of engaging in impersonal chats/texts that lead nowhere, well you need check out speed dating asap!

  1. Fun Night: Approach it as a real date night and dress and look the part! The odds of making a real connection are in your favor of finding love because you are dating several men/women in one night!
  2. Speed is your Friend: No time to date! Well this is for you. It saves you countless hours browsing profiles and endless texting – before you even go on the date! If it’s a good match, then great, if not, no worries, in a few minutes, your new date will arrive! And – if it doesn’t work, no time to feel any rejection!
  3. Super Affordable: Attending these events won’t break the bank. A typical date costs on average $100. Speed Dating is a no to low fee endeavor. And you get to have fun, practise your dating skills and make some really interesting connections!


And, here is the best part – these events are known to be quite successful. According to articles on the subject, well over 50% of participants find matches, leading to ensuing dates, relationships and marriage! A fun fact for you – speed dating seems to have originated in the Jewish community many years ago. Sometimes there is a timeless wisdom in some customs – kinda like love and marriage …