By Clare Baxter-Brown

Welcome to The Singlehood! And – there is nothing like a worldwide pandemic to help us all evaluate what is most important, see our blind spots and evaluate what or who is missing in our world!

Many have questioned; How do I date in a pandemic? How do I meet people these days? What
is the key to preparing for dating these days? As always, success is simple, it is not easy and
dating is no different. The key is to focus on yourself, your joy, your standards, how you
envision your future and gaining clarity on self.

Our self-clarity makes swiping easy and allows us to know who to say “yes” to and when. How are you saying “yes” to you in order to say “yes” to someone else? Many will make a list of what they want in a partner, and an equally important question is – do you have all those qualities as well? When we purposefully discover the newness in life, we discover what is most important to us and our values.

Make a living list in order to continue discovering the joy in life! A living list is one that is a list of experiences, places and things you’ve never done. When one item is checked off, add another in order to keep living and discovering all aspects of life!

Then, checking off the list helps you live life and possibly discover love along the way! By
purposefully discovering the newness and joy life has to offer, we are able to discern the values
we hold which give us clarity of what is most important in our world.

Then, we are able to swipe with confidence and create a life by design! There is no such thing as the perfect partner, and what would it look like if you had so much clarity in your search that you could map out your next relationship based on your standards?