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Navigating Singlehood & Dating – in a Pandemic!

By Clare Baxter-Brown Welcome to The Singlehood! And - there is nothing like a worldwide pandemic to help us all evaluate what is most important, see our blind spots and evaluate what or who is missing in our world! Many have questioned; How do I date in a pandemic? How do I meet people these days? What is the key to preparing for dating these days? As always, success is simple, it is not easy and dating is no different. The key is to focus on yourself, your joy, your standards, how you envision your future and gaining clarity on self. Our self-clarity makes swiping easy and allows us to know who to say “yes” to and when. How are you saying “yes” to you in order to say “yes” to someone else? Many will make a list of what they want in a partner, and an equally important question is - do you have all those qualities as well? When we purposefully discover the newness in life, we discover what is most important to us and our values. Make a living list in order to continue discovering the joy in life! A living list is one that is a [...]

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By Shantelle Canzanese, Dating Coach I know what you're thinking, "It's just a profile picture on some dating site, it's no big deal", or "I have no good photos of me", or "I look like an idiot when I smile in photos". I hear ya, but I'm also here to tell you that those are just excuses and a whole lot of laziness. Your first profile picture is the first impression you make on any potential partner. If that first picture is unflattering, sadly we most likely won't make it to your second photo, which means that we're certainly not reading your bio. The decision to stay on someone's profile is made within seconds and unfortunately you just missed an opportunity to meet someone special due to the quality of your photos. I know this sounds superficial, but we live in a digital world and our new reality is swiping through photos like we're online grocery shopping for the opposite sex. With so many options, these details have become more important than ever. Of course your personality goes a long way, but you want to have a good photo of yourself, so your potential next date makes it to the [...]

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How NOT to get Catfished!

By Shantelle Canzanese, Dating Coach for Men Catfishing became a household term in 2012 when the popular MTV show, 'Catfish' hit it big and continued to do so for 8 agonizing yet strangely intriguing seasons. What is with most of the human population being entertained by other people's tragic love stories of deceit? It's weirdly addicting much like those pimple popping shows I keep hearing about, but will never be able to stomach. Anyway, you would think the show would have caused these lying daters to stop in their tracks, since we publicly know their secrets now and their tactics, but the numbers have actually significantly grown since the show. Thanks MTV for giving these horrible tricksters new ideas! Here are some fun facts for you that may or may not help you sleep peacefully at night. Did you know that 53% of catfishes are women, 24% pretend to be the opposite gender, and at least 10% of all online profiles are scammers of some sort? I know, I just lifted my jaw off the floor too as I wrote that. But in all seriousness, it can be entertaining to watch these scenarios play out on TV, but when you're [...]

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With speed dating, you get to enjoy 5 to 10-minute conversations with pre-selected singles that you would probably never meet! And if your quick date goes well – you receive each other's contact info. And, if it is not a great date, no worries, you have just met someone new and you are then quickly on to the next potential match Let’s look at the unsung advantages speed dating! If you are tired of wasting your evening with a guy or girl that you met through a dating app, or you are sick of engaging in impersonal chats/texts that lead nowhere, well you need check out speed dating asap! Fun Night: Approach it as a real date night and dress and look the part! The odds of making a real connection are in your favor of finding love because you are dating several men/women in one night! Speed is your Friend: No time to date! Well this is for you. It saves you countless hours browsing profiles and endless texting - before you even go on the date! If it’s a good match, then great, if not, no worries, in a few minutes, your new date will arrive! And - if [...]

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“Fashion is a trend, style lives within a person:’’’’ Oscar de la Renta OMG – when you put it that way, how hard can it be? If our style lives within us, should be pretty easy to bring it to the surface, right? But – where it is hiding? You know your style could use a reboot – hell, maybe even a whole new you. So, how do we find the style within ourselves… You have this niggling feeling that you will know it when it shows up at your doorstep…. and it can’t happen soon enough…. particularly now that you are starting a new phase in your life. Perhaps you are newly single or about to make a career change or simply working on you. If you have been devoting time to elevating your life… maybe you have a life coach, done some serious self-reflection, set exciting goals – you are probably are truly ready to get to started on your new path.  We are proud of you!  Now that you feel reinvented and your energy level and love of life and particularly of yourself are at an all time high, you have never felt more psyched to attract [...]

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