The LoveinSync Story

LoveinSync was conceived when intention met opportunity. Long-time friends Susan Hum and Tina Jesso had been searching for a meaningful business opportunity and it presented itself when discussing Tina’s latest online dating adventure. They knew that many singles shared their frustration with the development of disturbing online dating behaviors such as “swiping, ghosting and cat-fishing”. And it seemed many were losing hope of ever finding true love. The time was right for a new way of thinking and behaving in the online dating world and LoveinSync was born!

So, what do these long-time friends and partners bring to the table? Susan has over 25 years of successful business experience on an international level that has allowed her to develop her life coaching skills. She retired from a longstanding corporate career in 2016 to follow what she loves to do … helping people find empowerment and love and to make a difference in the world. Her many years of leadership and empowerment coaching enabled her to quickly build a very successful coaching practice with a large team of coaches that she has mentored and coached over the years.

Tina has over 30 years of sales, recruitment and coaching experience, building one of the largest and most productive teams in her company’s history. At the core of her training programs was the strong belief that every human has unlimited potential and with perseverance, the right support and guidance through coaching – great achievements are possible. Her many years of leadership experience and intimate knowledge with the online dating industry is a valuable quality to help guide LoveinSync to fill those gaps of what it takes to effectively bring singles together in the world of Love.

Susan and Tina’s philosophy is that successful love matches are born of two individuals who are self-aware, authentic and focused on purposeful life goals. LoveinSync has been developed for like-minded singles on this path who are looking for a fulfilling, lasting relationship. To help members through this love journey, they offer style and profile programs, as well as personal love coaching with certified coaches. The Love programs help members clarify their relationship goals, which will lead to better-suited matches that have a higher chance of long-term success and more fulfilling love.

Welcome to LoveinSync!